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Tony & Elvis - Curtis Park Townhome!

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Tony and Elvis were such a treat to work with! They sent me a text one night, asking for an urgent consultation, we hopped on a call the following morning and two days later they were pre-approved! Right out of the gate, we were looking at homes that met their criteria. For the next four days or so, we spent every morning, afternoon, or evening looking at properties that they were interested in. We focused on Town Homes because they wanted something that was private and felt like home. Tony and Elvis love to entertain, and they often have family members visiting them. We were able to find the perfect home that accommodated their needs. Oh, not to mention, they wanted a two-car garage in the gay-neighborhood! Guess what, they got that too. After less than a week, we were under contract! We were able to negotiate $5,000 under the list price, and we negotiate $25,000 in credits from the seller for Tony and Elvis.

Congratulations Tony and Elvis on hitting this milestone of home-ownership. I am so excited for you two, and this next chapter of your life! I am wishing you the best, and am always here for you if you need anything!

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What an awesome story with such a happy ending! CONGRATULATIONS!

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