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Quinn - First Time Home Buyer!

Quinn and I met in March of 2023 and quickly became friends. Over dinner and drinks one night, we started talking about Real Estate and the home buying process. He was paying quite a bit for a nice apartment downtown, and got to thinking that maybe he could purchase his own property. We ran numbers to find something that would make sense for him, and ideally, we wanted to find something that was a lower payment than his rent. He wanted somewhere close to the city and work, but with access to the mountains, and of course, parking. We looked for about two weeks, and then we found the one!

Working with Quinn has been one of my most exciting journeys, because at first, like so many others, he didn't think he would qualify, have enough money for a downpayment and closing costs. However, I asked him to just trust me, explore different options, and allow me and my team to help him. Quinn was pre-approved, and we were able to get all of his closing costs covered by the seller. We even had enough left over seller credits to cover his HOA for a year! He actually got a check back at closing.

The cherry on top, Quinn and I have become closer friends during the home buying process, we play on the same dodgeball team now! Congratulations Quinn, and I'm so happy and proud of you for purchasing your first home. I wish I would have done this at your age!

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