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Precious & Logan's First Home!

Precious & Logan were first introduced to me by way of referral from a mutual friend. They wanted the best agent possible, were on a time constraint, and we needed to Discover what exactly it was that they wanted. Little did I know, they interviewed 3 other agents, and decided to hire me! After I found this out, I was super honored and humbled to help them.

We began with a couple of Discovery Days so I could better understand what they wanted, and we used these days to help them clarify what they actually wanted too. We had a ton of fun doing this. I remember one day in specific where we looked at a slew of homes and they were all great from the outside. However, there were some red flags on some of these properties, so we decided to walk rather than waste time and money on Inspection. Among these, we found one that was fitting, and, our offer was beat by 25K. We were certainly disappointed, but knew that we just had to do better, and change up our strategy.

Our next big day was the day we found The One. In fact, we found 3 that were great matches, and narrowed it down to the one that they wanted. We put in an offer, beat the other offer, and closed in 3 weeks.

What I can say is this - this journey with them was one of my favorites because of their personalities, persistence, and over all great energy to be around. I always looked forward to meeting with them, talking on the phone, countless text messages that still continue, and even a Rapid's Soccer game! :)

Thank you for trusting me to help you find your first home, I am super excited to see it once you have made it your own!

Congratulations on this next chapter of your life.

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