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Marc Sokol - Owner of 303 Property Care

About 303 Property Care:

Marc and his team have been performing maintenance, repair, and remodeling needs for both commercial and residential customers since 2015. He specialized in rentals, and high end properties, or remodel work. Him and his team are your one stop shop. With his skilled and insured staff you can rest assured your property is in good hands.

How I got started

Marc has been in home improvement since his early teen years. He worked with is father, and picked up the skills before branched out on his own in 2015. Since then he has worked with restaurants, business owners, home owners, contractors and enjoys helping people from all walks of life. His dedication to helping others and an eye for detail make him a leader in the handyman and home improvement industry. After seeing that his clients also needed deep cleaning services, him and his partner have now broken into the cleaning industry. Marc is my go to pal, and the best in the industry.

Services Offered:

Window and door repair

Lock Repair

Tile & LVP Install

Drywall repair

Toilet/sink repair

Kitchen and bathroom install

TV installation and wire management

Furniture assembly

Real Estate Inspection repairs

One example of his work includes a 1.5mil listing from 2024 in the Highlands

Contact Info:

Marc Sokol

303 578 0780 (call or text is preferred)

You may want to loop me in as well:)

He's a gem!! I'm so lucky to have met you:)

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