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Lisa Lundquist: Owner, Principal Agent

Lisa Lundquist is the insurance expert and go-to in the field. She is a Broker at Goosehead Insurance and has access to over 35 different carriers. This allows her to find the best rate for you. She provides insurance coverage for homes, auto, landlord policies, and motor-vehicles. I met Lisa while I was purchasing my first property because she helped me with my home insurance! I shopped around, and found that Lisa is the best because of her ability to access so many different policies, and can easily explain the differences in a way that makes sense.

What stands out most to me about Lisa, is her passion for helping others. When I’m talking to Lisa, I feel like I’m talking to a close friend. She is thoughtful, engaging, caring, and takes the time to understand me as a person, and what my needs are. She is exceptionally good with first-time home buyers because she deliberately takes the time to explain the policy, what is covered, what you are paying for, and if there are any pitfalls. I like that Lisa can easily customize options to best protect a person’s assets.

Lisa goes above and beyond by helping her clients use their insurance when the time comes. It is important to have an insurance broker who is going to be there for you after you have chosen your insurance. She doesn’t stop working for you after you’ve found the right policy. Her expertise allows her to help navigate the process of using your insurance. It’s important to remember that policies change very year, and Lisa does a great job to make sure you still have the best coverage.

Lisa is valuable resource because she is honest and knowledgeable about insurance and yearly changes. She will tell you if it’s a good policy or not, and help you find the right one for your situation. She prides herself in helping others protect their biggest investments by providing insurance options for any situation. I am always excited when I run into Lisa, or give her a call for a client, because she genuinely cares about people and helps make the home buying experience that much easier. Reach out to Lisa so she can make sure you have the best coverage for the best price.

Lisa Lundquist Contact Info

Direct: 720.961.5088

Mobile: 303.887.1589

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