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Kilsia's MCM Gem!

You know when you meet someone for the first time, and their smile is so warm and bright that you instantly feel at ease? It's rare, but it happens, and Kilsia has this effect on me. We met over coffee by way of referral, and instantly hit it off. We talked about our love for cats, mini-coopers, her pursuit of a PhD, yoga, snowboarding, and everything in between. I instantly felt lucky to have met her because of how genuine she is. I knew we would find a great deal together.

We spent time at the coffee shop going over the process, what to expect, and next steps. She quickly completed a loan application, and we were off looking. Her time line was flexible, so there was no need to rush, we were happily perusing along on our first day together, and came across a stunning MCM gem in the Speer neighborhood. We both knew it was the one. However, it was drastically over priced, yet, we submitted a fair offer, to see what would happen. No dice. It was not the right move for her, or her money.

The following week, a nearly identical property was listed for 45k less, we called each other, and met 20 minute laters! We quickly submitted an offer and the offer was accepted! Kilsia, I am SO happy for you, finding each other, and finding a near identical property the following week - it was all meant to be. Thank you for your warm smile. Congratulations, and enjoy:)

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