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Jamison Place in the Spring!

I had the honor of meeting two very special clients of mine, Mr. and Mrs. Seller by way of their daughter who is just as special as her parents. The family reached out to me towards the end of 2023 and asked if I could help list their home in the Spring. I was honored, the family has taken such good care of me since we have met, it was then my turn to take of them, and give them my very best. Their grandson is a photographer, and we wanted to add to his portfolio and wallet, and so we did! His listing photos were out of this world! This was extremely special because we were able to give back to the family.

Mr. and Mrs. Seller have lived in the home for 20+ years, and needed to downsize. I have never seen a home look brand new after spending 20 years in it. It made me proud, to see how much care and grace they had taken over the years to maintain and improve their property.

Together, we strategically planned the timing, listing description, photos, and open house perfectly. We listed on a Thursday, went live on Friday, held the home open Saturday and Sunday, and were under contract by Monday! We received multiple offers, all over asking, and as directed by my clients, I reached out to each one of them, and asked for necessary terms for my clients. I presented and reviewed the offers to them, advised, and then they chose the best one for them. The winning offer was already over asking with an escalation clause, appraisal gap coverage, and waived inspection objection/resolution. I worked my magic, was professional, and relied on my data driven comps to ensure that the buyer did not need to use their appraisal gap. This was a huge win for both parties.

Mr. and Mrs. Seller were extremely easy to work with, and received a fantastic deal. I now consider this family part of my own :)) I am very lucky to have met you, thank you. We are set to close on 5/1. Thank you for being you, and I wish you the best of luck as you downsize!

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