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Eli Rutherford - Sacred Librarian Furniture

Updated: Jul 6

Eli is the owner and founder of Sacred Librarian Furniture. He specializes in Furniture Restoration and Interior Decor and Styling. One of the many unique attributes that makes Eli special is that he has a knack for creating inclusive spaces, developing meaningful relationships, and creating beauty out of the unassuming objects around us. He has a background in construction, technology/digital success, and enhancing the consumer experience. In 2023 he founded his business and has a boutique shoppé, showroom, and work space located on 845 Corona St 80218. He finds previously owned prized possessions of others, and restores them to like-new quality. He prides himself on being environmentally friendly and offers access to high quality, affordable furniture and home staple pieces.

Eli uses his corporate technology skills to accurately search and find pieces that he wants, and offers this service to others. If you are a homeowner looking for furniture, style/decor inspiration, or hosting a special event that requires unique, tasteful, and artistic decor, reach out to Eli. You can also reach out to Eli if you want to get sell a piece of furniture, and want it to go to someone local that will take care of finding a special home for it.

Eli professionally stages homes, you can see his work here. He was able to stage this home even while partially owner occupied. He is adaptable to home owners needs, has imagination, and can effectively stage to help consumers see what it would feel like to live in the home. He staged my listing earlier this year, you can see it here!

Eli is one of a kind and is more than willing to help others find their vision, perfect timeless pieces, and even restorations. He's more than a business, he's a creative visionary with a passion for helping others :)

His personal and artistic skills will be one of the first things you notice about him. I can't recommend him enough!

Services provide:

  • Home Staging

  • Furniture Restoration

  • Specialized search for specific items by request

  • Residential, Commercial, & Event Styling & Decor

  • Purchasing of furniture

Contact Info:


845 Corona St Denver, CO 80218

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