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Dillon - First Time Home Buyer!

Dillon and I have known each other for at least 10 years, if not longer. Over the past decade, we have ran around in the same circle, shared friend groups, and have seen each other grow and flourish. Dillon and I talked a year ago about his goal of owning a home, and we would talk about it briefly when we would see each other. Dillon is the kind of person who is driven, humble, and always easy to get along with. He understood the importance of owning a home sooner than later, and so, he saved some money for a down payment, and then I received a text from him one evening letting me know he was ready! We went over the home buying process and what to expect, we looked at 3-5 properties to learn about investing in one. I helped him get pre-approved, and together, we came up with a game plan that would work strategically for him.

He wanted a 2 bed, 2 bath with parking, and not uber close to the city. Most importantly, he wanted a property that would make a great rental in the future so he can begin to House Hack! After knowing his goals and criteria, we started looking at properties, and throwing out ones that would not make a great rental in the near future. We looked for 2-3 weeks total and then we found the one! Congratulations Dillon, you are one of those guys who is silently always striving to become a better person, and I can see that easily:) I'm excited for this next chapter of your life.

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