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Dan Beals - Owner of Dan's Haul Away

Updated: Jul 8

About Dan's Haul Away:

Dan was introduced to me by a mutual friend, and I was curious about the services he offered; I had not come across a sustainable furniture removal company before. Dan's focus is keeping furniture out of dumpsters! The company's mission is to lead by example in sustainable furniture removal. Together, to make a positive impact on both the planet and people’s lives

Dan's Haul Away - Furniture Removal specializes in helping people downsize, in home moving, and special delivers. Dan’s Haul Away top priority is to keep furniture out of the trash and find a new home for it. They take the time to find the new home for you. They do this through donating to various charities and donation centers, on an almost daily basis. Almost Home is one of the local charitable organizations that they work with closely. One of the things that makes Dan so special is his commitment to being great, and keeping furniture out of dumpsters. You can call Dan's Haul Away, and they will pick up old furniture in any condition. They charge for this service, but they do not resell items, they donate them! This is his favorite part of the company because he is able to help others, and create community His sense of community, and helping others is what drew me towards him. I highly recommend Dan's Haul Away if you are needing to downsize, need help with In-Home Moving, or require special deliveries to your friends and family! You can feel happy that you are making in impact too, because your furniture will be donated to someone else!

Dan's Haul Away has been in business for four years. They are professional, timely, and only need 1-2 day notice to help you. Reach out! It felt like he was already my friend when we first met!

Service Offered:

Furniture Removal/Downsizing

In Home Moving

Special Deliveries

Contact Info:

Dan Beals


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