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Cody & Anthony - Cap Hill Condo!

Cody and Anthony have been long time acquaintances of mine, and now friends! I have been working with them for about 7 months to help them get ready. They took all the right steps to be in a good spot. Once they were ready, we looked for less than a week and found the one! Cody and Anthony both work from home, they wanted an office/flex space, and an extra bedroom for family and friends. They like to entertain, so we had to find something that made sense for their needs. We found one of the coolest condos I've seen in Cap Hill. The patio has been converted to be an indoor space which gave them extra square feet, and the 2nd bedroom is big enough for two desks/computers, and still allows to be used as a full bedroom. Functionality, location, and of course parking, were the most important needs for them, and we found it! We put in a strategic offer, and received $5,000 in seller credits to help cover closing costs. During inspection, we received another $2,000 in credits that could be used for however they see fit. They used this to further reduce their cash to close! This home didn't need a whole lot work other than some DIY, and two lovely first time home owners.

Congratulations Cody and Anthony on hitting this milestone of being first time home buyers! I am so excited for you two, and this next chapter of your life! I am wishing you the best, and am always here for you if you need anything! And, now we are neighbors!! Thank you for trusting in me, and the process!

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