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Byron Johnson, Owner - Colorado Structural Repair

Byron Johnson is the owner of Colorado Structural Repair, and has been locally owned for 10 years. Him and his team come from a construction background, thus lending to their experience in structural repairs. They pride themselves on customer satisfaction, excellent problem solving, and a life time warranty on their work. His team members have a long history of working in the industry. It can be difficult to find a reputable repair company, and nuances you need to know if you are thinking about reaching out to them. They offer free inspections/estimates, and a wide range of services to fix issues. VIP - If you think you are in need of a structural repair company, contact me first - do not miss this step - there are a few additional key points and steps you need to know/do before you reach out to them. I will guide you along the way.

Services Offered:

Helical Pier Installation

Structural Beam Replacement

Wall Anchor/Brace Installation

Epoxy Injection

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