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Brent & Ezra - Denver's Newest Residence!

I met Brent and Ezra during 4th of July Weekend of 2023 through mutual friends and we hit it off instantly! They were preparing for their wedding, we stayed in touch, and a few months later we had a consultation in person, and went over the Home Buying process, what to expect, and how to prepare.

I asked them what they needed most in order to purchase a house, and they told me they wanted closing costs covered. Easy! By the middle of September, we began looking at homes that fit their criteria. Location was most important, followed by a space they could grow into, build their life together, and have one extra bed room for family and friends. After just one month, we found the one!

Brent and Ezra were an absolute delight to work with. They were easy to work with, on top of the tasks they needed to complete, and they loved learning about the home buying process! Their story is one of my favorite, because, like so many of us, they didn't think they were ready to purchase home in Denver, but they were curious enough to explore their options.

They trusted me, and the process, and we were able to find their first home together in no time. Their monthly payment is comfortable, and we were able to lower it significantly because of different strategies we used. And, I was able to get their closing costs covered, in addition to a 1-0 buy down!

Welcome to your new home, I am so proud of you guys!! Congratulations!!

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