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Brandon Richard Homell: Owner-operator of Blume Box

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

This month’s small business spotlight features Brandon Homell the owner and operator of Blume Box. Brandon’s mission is to curate customized floral arrangements and installations that capture the joy of special moments, big and small. Brandon consults with his clients to understand the concept and circumstance of a particular event, and then crafts floral designs to highlight and match the special moment. Brandon can also create floral arrangements based on an emotion that the client wants to evoke. This can range from tranquility, peace, inspiration, excitement, and consideration.

Brandon believes in giving back to the community. He collaborates with local businesses and artists, and provides spaces with free floral arrangements. Brandon understands that nature is something that is around us, but sometimes forgotten. His designs bring us back to what is already in front of us – simple and elegant beauty.

Brandon offers a variety of services:

· Weddings

· Installations

· Floral Drops

· Everyday Arrangements

· Delivery & Pick Up

Blume Box Contact Info

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