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Allow me to introduce myself!

Hello readers! Welcome to my page! This initial blog posted is dedicated to a formal introduction about myself so you can get to know more about me, my passions, and why I love helping others buy and sell Real Estate!

I am from Colorado, and moved to Denver in 2011. I have a very small family, and I am lucky to have them all living here. My dad is a 1st generation American, and my mom is 2nd generation. I have one sister, and a mini-me nephew that is one of my best friends!

Growing up, I was extremely involved in Martial Arts. I practiced karate for 12 years and was an instructor at a karate school for 3 years before I moved away for college. I enjoyed teaching kids and adults because I would watch them grow in their practice, and as a person. My favorite thing about karate was developing relationships with different types of people and age groups. Karate taught me about the importance of integrity, self-control, confidence, discipline, and persistence. Martial arts is more than physical, it taught me how to be a good person, and develop mentorship skills. Caring and guiding others has always been something that came easy to me, and highly rewarding. It took me many years for me to be an excellent martial artist in the physical sense.

During college, I was heavily involved in yoga. I still practice today. I have practiced yoga for over 10 years and eventually become a certified yoga instructor. For me, yoga is about mind-body connection, being present, self-care, and self-awareness. As a teacher, I was inspired to design thoughtful classes that would empower those around me to be the best version of themselves while understanding grace and compassion for themselves, and those around us. I discovered that that I felt my best when I can help others. When I made this discovery, I realized my calling was to help others, and the activities I spent my time doing, had been preparing me to do so.

I earned a BA in Geography with a concentration in Urban Planning and a minor in Public Health. I have always prioritized to the importance of physical and mental health, and how those aspects intersect in urban areas. I began to learn that I have an affinity for cities, their design, and most importantly – the people that live in them. I then went on to earn a MA in Counseling: Higher Education & Leadership. By now, this should come to no surprise. Looking back, I have unknowingly always followed my heart, which has always put me in positions to help others.

I began to reflect, and wonder how I could inspire those around me in a way that could be life changing. I had toyed with the idea of helping others buy and sell Real Estate since college, but I continued the path that seemed to be expected of me. While I have very supportive parents, they had strongly suggested I go to college and do what society had told them would make their children successful. I knew I didn’t want to work in an office, 9-5, because that didn’t have meaning for me.

I had a friendly relationship with a Realtor, Chelsea Steen, whose team I am now on. I mentioned to her that I had always thought about being an agent, and her response was surprising. Essentially, she told me she saw something special in me, and that I should do it. Later, I asked her what was so special that she saw? For context, Chelsea is an extremely knowledgeable and successful Realtor. She is a role model to me. So, this comment coming from her, was a big one. Her response was that I truly care for people, and want the best for others. Integrity is a clear value of hers, and has been one of mine since martial arts. She told me if you truly care about helping people, and find real estate fascinating, that I would undoubtedly be successful. I decided to get my license, and about 4 months in, I ran into Chelsea, and was invited to be a part of her team.

My journey to become an agent was not conventional, I don’t come from a family of realtors, in fact, I’m the first person in my family to complete college. Looking back, it is what I was meant to be all along, and for the first time, is the first career I know I should be doing. To say that, feels tremendously powerful and rewarding.

I had searched my entire life to find a career that is meaningful to me. For me, being a Realtor is about helping others make financial decisions that impact their lives in the best way possible. The only way to make a good decision, is to be educated. That is why I host monthly Home-Buying 101 or House Hacking Basic classes. As you now know, I thrive most when I have meaningful relationships with those around me, and can positively impact people’s lives by helping them achieve their goals.

Thank you so much, for taking the time to read a little bit about me. I am here to help you, answer questions, and serve you in a way that best suits your goals.

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